Thursday, October 16, 2008

Election Issues - Abortion

I wanted to take some time to examine the positions of the Presidential candidates, but I may not have time to get to all the issues. I'll start here with a look on their beliefs about abortion and see if I have time to do more.

On the Presidential debate tonight, both candidates said that they have no litmus test when it comes to abortion. Barack Obama stated that he supports Roe v. Wade, and John McCain expressed his position that it was "a bad judicial decision."

What does this mean? I think everybody knows that Obama actually does have a litmus test. Think about it. Can you honestly picture him appointing a conservative pro-life judge? Of course not. Obama has long been an advocate for abortion, including late term and partial birth abortions. Barack Obama seems to love abortions of any kind, at any time, by anyone, for any reason.

O.k., but what about John McCain? He's our conservative pro-life champion, right? Not so fast. McCain said he doesn't have a litmus test for judges. McCain wants the states to decide the abortion issue. This is erroneous thinking, the states shouldn't have the right to legalize murder. This is a political ploy by McCain, there's now no need for him to take a stand on abortion. We have heard the 'no litmus test' and 'state's rights' arguments from candidates before. It has always ended with them picking liberal pro-abortion judges.

Incidentally; McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, always believed that there should be a federal law against abortion. That is, until she was chosen as the Vice Presidential running mate. Now she believes the burden should be placed upon the states as well. Convenient, don't ya think?

What all this means is that neither candidate is willing to protect the unborn child. Neither candidate will even attempt to save one unborn life as President of the United States. If you are truly pro-life you can't reasonably choose either one of these guys.

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briedy1 said...

So true...Just check "none of the above" on election day....Vote for a candidate that doesn't condone the killing of ANY innocent children. For a detailed look at Sarah Palin go to: